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Sandkofa bracelets are a powerful symbol to remind us that our history is not a thing of the past; but a living and breathing part of who we are. Let us embrace the call to "Go back and get it."

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Our 3 Tier Approach

Worlds End South Africa
Image by Seyiram Kweku


The 'Door of No Return' was the last door millions of Africans saw before they were transported into a life of slavery that lasted over 400 years. Sandkofa bracelets contain sand from the beaches of Elmina slave castle in Ghana and others places like it.

Woman with Head Scarf



Despite the difficult history of the African Diaspora, Sandkofa is about 'Rooting to Rise.' We support return trips for African decedents to reunify with their ancestral home. Sandkofa bracelets serve as a symbol of unity with our Motherland.



Sandkofa bracelets directly support social projects by and for the African Diaspora. This includes artist and entrepreneur incubators on the Cape Coast of Ghana, with aims to lay a foundation for future projects. Are you ready to go back and get it? 


Want To Get Involved In A More Meaningful Way?

Sign up to be a part of our Affiliate Program* and help us raise funds to send African descendants on an unforgettable trip to their ancestral home. Know someone who could benefit from one of these trips? Contact us!

*Check out our Affiliate Program partners page.

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