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Motherland Medicine

May 25th, 2024 - Join the global ceremony

What is Motherland Medicine?

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Motherland Medicine is an invitation to host a ceremony, a prayer or celebration enriched with the spirit of ancestral healing, as a show of unity and intention toward the collective liberation of African heritage peoples. 


If you are someone who might be interested in hosting, participating, or someone who feels energized by this intention and have the capacity to help us lay the groundwork, let us know below so we can stay connected. 

The implications of Motherland Medicine for the African diaspora will ripple across generations. Just as one can inherit survival from trauma and live in survival, one can inherit healing and thrive from a space of ancestral connection.

All Forms of Healing Welcome

Join The Global Intention

Host An Event

Are you someone who might host an event? Let us know, we'll share monthly updates and opportunities for live info-sessions.

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Join An Event

Are you someone who would want to join an event or want connected to the progress? Let us know, we'll share opportunities to connect with the community. 

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Help make it real

We need lots of logistical help, thought leadership, marketing support and beyond. Reach out and let us know if you are interested in helping in anyway to make this a reality. 

Register for the info session

1-hour long 

This an opportunity for an introduction, a group meditation and collective intention setting. 


Thanks for submitting!

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I host a ceremony?
You can host a ceremony of your choosing locally or virtually. As the date approaches, we will send a Hosting Kit that includes details on registering your event.

How do I join an event?
Once events are registered, we will add them to a map and event list so you can easily find one in your area.

Can I host an on-line event?
Yes, you can, if that is your preference!

Will there be a virtual event?

Yes, we will hold a virtual space for those who are unable to attend an in-person event. 

How can I help out with organizing for Motherland Medicine?
Please fill out the form above so we can connect and work together. 

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